“Soccer Scouting System” with Neo4j, part 4

To have an indication on what level the players are playing, it’s useful to know at what league level the team, they play for, is playing. As an example, since I am currently working for a women team, I have used the league structure used for women soccer in the Netherlands, the first four levels. This is the structure of leagues from top to the fourth level: The toplevel is named ‘Eredivisie’.

“Soccer Scouting System” with Neo4j, part 3

Let’s create this in Neo4j to start with: CREATE (myc:Club {id:'myc', name:'My Club'}), (teamA:Team {id:'mycTeamA', name:'Team A', season:'2015-2016'}), (teamA)-[:REPRESENTS {season:'2015-2016'}]->(myc), (goalie1:Player {name:'My Goalie', dob:20000101, position:'Goalie', handedness:'right'}), (goalie1)-[:SELECTED_FOR]->(teamA) This results in the following:

“Soccer Scouting System” with Neo4j, part 2

Last time we created the definition of a player, however I forget one important aspect of the player and that is his or hers (favorite) position. So now the player looks like this: What do we know about this player? Well, this player is selected for a team to represent a club in a league of a certain level. This looks like this: Next update is about how to make this in Neo4j.

“Soccer Scouting System” part 1

I will start writing short notes regarding the development of the “Soccer Scouting System” to order my brain and to make it clear for the audience. What do we have: Players Coaches Scouts Teams Level Reviews Connections Players Players are the most important part of the System. They have their own characteristics, they are part of a team and play on a certain level (league). Also they are left and/or right footed.